Wednesday, June 27, 2007

How wonderful ...

I've been neglecting my blog lately in the interest of making some new items. I'm really excited about the things I've been working on lately (to the exclusion of all else - my housework has been sorely neglected!) and will be posting them to my online store this week. Stay tuned if you love sterling silver and anklets!

Also, on a wonderful note, CreationsbyUli was kind enough to feature me in one her JET (Jewelry on Etsy) treasuries. My "Aqua Funk Necklace" (last item in the second row) was chosen to be part of her featured list. Thank you so much!


Uli said...

You are more than welcome. :-) A new, wonderful looking blog to add to my ever increasing list of blogs to visit. :-)

Take care

LoveDynamite said...

Congrats on the treasury:D

marsha said...

hahahaha........yes my house sometimes looks like it's been hit by a tornado! =)

Happy House Quilts said...

silver anklet?????? wow!!! looking forward to seeing list of wants and wishes is growing by the day!!! Hope the holiday sales kick in soon!!! LOL!

Feltland said...

Congrats for your treasury ... Your Ice Tea earrings are so refreshing, really pretty.


Lanedesigns said...

Hi Bonny,
I just love your etsy shop.. you have some beautiful pieces. I am in love with you water waves bracelet. It looks so peaceful!

Take care,

TuttleTime said...

Howdy Neighbor! :)

I just love your stuff..Now that I have a minute, I'm going to Etsy to check out your stuff! I make a lot of my own stuff, but it's always fun to see what other more talented folks have! :)

Thanks, Angie