Friday, September 28, 2007

To infinity

“To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower
Hold infinity in the palms of your hand and eternity in an hour.”
- William Blake

I love this particular quote and based one of my new necklaces on it. "Bella Infinity" - my own unique design on a sterling silver chain. Sterling silver accents with a floral lampwork focal.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Family Birthstone Necklace

I love making personalized gifts and this was tons of fun to create. The inspiration came from my mom (of course!), who mentioned that she would like to find a mother's necklace that was a bit different but could still be worn with lots of different outfits. Nothing toooo fancy - but classic.

So, I came up with this - a sterling silver and Swarovski birthstone crystals family necklace:

I have to admit, I'm pretty pleased with the results. Obviously, it can be customized for any mom or grandmother and I love the colors and simplicity of the pendant. The sample necklace is to be my mother's Christmas gift (good thing she doesn't know about my blog!) and shows my parent's birthstone (they were both born in November), my older brother's is August (peridot), I was born in July (ruby red) and my younger brother was born in May (emerald green). Fingers crossed that this is what she was hoping to find!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Denim Blues Necklace

I've been experimenting with sterling silver quite a bit lately and this is my latest creation. Blue sodalite with sterling silver accents strung directly onto a sterling silver chain. Just posted in my Etsy shop today!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

First craft show of the season

As always, I get a bit anxious as craft show season approaches - and this year is no exception. Will the customers like my new pieces? Are my prices OK? Will I have enough inventory? Do I have enough change? and the list goes on and on and on.

The morning finally arrived for the show and I got up early to drive to Concord NH. I'd never done a show here before so I had no idea what to expect in terms of customer traffic, access to the arena or how many vendors. Fortunately, I allowed plenty of time and had my booth set up with 2 hours to spare before the show started. Thank goodness I had set everything up the week before in my living room and it all went smoothly.

This is a picture of my whole setup:

These are some of my new Infinity necklaces (still to be posted in my Etsy shop!)

And a close up of some of my sterling silver anklets:

And to round out the day, Jodi from Happy House Quilts stopped by and introduced herself. I love meeting members of our NH Street Team and we had a chance to chat for a few minutes - it's always fun putting faces and personalities to names from the web!

On to more shows - 1 down, 5 to go!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Learning more about blogging

Chatting one night on Etsy, I expressed frustration at feeling like I never know what to write about on my blog. And I don't mean writer's block - more like just lack of what to really write about. After all, I lead a pretty quiet life for the most part!

To alleviate this, Jenny (aka JennyBunny) suggested that I google for some blog ideas. A bell went off inside my head as I thought to myself - "I should have thought of that!" since I am constantly searching the internet when I want to shop or need information.

After wandering through some of the sites that popped from my google search, I found the following to be interesting (there are lots more of course, but this is a start). They're not quite ideas about what to write about but rather how to write blogs that others would potentially want to read.

One article that caught my eye was "5 ways to increase Internet traffic to your blog or web site". The author of this article had some points that I hadn't even considered, such as submitting for blog contests. OK - I admit it! I'm not really a contest kind of girl! And while it's not something that I will necessarily do, for those who like to enter contests it could be loads of fun. Other suggestions included using your technorati tags more effectively and using keyword tools when writing posts.

Another article that I stumbled across and found interesting reading is "10 Techniques to Get More Comments on Your Blog". The tips here are common-sense-icle but again, I certainly don't DO all of them. Be controversial?? I admit, I'm not the type to throw my political views out there for all the world to see. A time and a place for everything and my blog is not the place for that in my mind! But I see the author's point. The biggest suggestion that caught me off guard was #10 - Make it Easy to Comment. Sounds simple really but made me go look at my settings to see if I actually allowed this to happen.

So, my next step is to explore more ideas on what to write about. How do you come up with ideas for your blog?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Autumn is in the air!

I love the fall season - warm days - days that you can actually "smell" fall in the air. And chilly nights - sweatshirts (I'm a casual kind of girl) needed for dog walks and snuggle under my down comforter kind of nights. For some reason, baking always seems to be on my mind this time of year also. Not cooking - never that! - but baking pies, cakes and cookies kind of baking. Mmmmm, warm chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven with milk - my little bit of heaven!

I'm pretty fortunate since there are lots of apple orchards near our home in New Hampshire. Rich loves it when I make individual apple pies - I think he is kidding himself into thinking he's not eating as much - LOL! But the tempting aroma of them baking - especially the cinnamon - and how the whole house smells when they come out of the oven - yummy!

So, plans for the upcoming weekend? Wish I could say baking but I'm rushing to get ready for the first craft show of the season. I'm creating new hang cards for my earrings and trying out a special display for my sterling necklaces - so much to do! But I'm still going to stop and smell the autumn scents ... and I recommend you do to!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

4 Things about me ....

Sunshinecitylassie tagged me for a fun game - I need to note 4 things about me in various categories. These games always make me slow down and think about lots of different things - mindbending LOL! Anyway, here I go ...

4 jobs I've had:
convenience store clerk
retail manager
call center operator/order-taker
office manager

4 films I can watch over and over:
Pretty Woman (sappy, but I still love it!)
Lord of the Rings (pick any of them - love them all!)
Sweet Home Alabama
The Lake House

4 places I have lived:
Robbinston Maine
Waterville Maine
Hudson New Hampshire
Manchester New Hampshire

4 favorite TV shows:
Criminal Minds
Big Love
Two and a Half Men

4 favorite foods:
Macaroni and cheese
Melty Brie cheese with apple
Ice cream

4 website I visit every day: to check my store
hotmail to catch all of my email
ebay (always find something interesting)
bank account site

4 places I would love to be:
Washington DC around cherry blossom time
Greece - have never been but would love to visit!
secluded Hawaiian beach enjoying warm sunshine and swimming with dolphins

4 favorite colors:

OK, so now I need to find another person to tag .... hmmm, how about Lis from Simple Arts Planet ...

Also, since I'm blogging my little heart out - a couple of my latest jewelry pieces showcasing carnelian, black onyx and sterling silver

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Time flies!

Have you ever noticed that life gets reallllly crazy all at once? I've been planning a trip to northeastern Maine to visit my family over the Labor Day holiday for awhile. Rich opted to stay home with the dog since his mom had back surgery on the Wednesday before I left and we didn't want to be too far away should she need any assistance.

So, I drove my six hours to get home and I must admit, it was great seeing everyone. Friday was spent with my maternal grandparents and running some errands. I definitely count myself very lucky to still have grandparents to visit! Saturday was great fun - a family friend (I used to babysit his daughter, who now has kids of her own - I feel so old!) took me to some lakes that I haven't seen in ages in his four wheeler (not an ATV - this is like a mini jeep - not sure what they are actually called) and I got to snap some pics.

This is a view of Rand Lake:

Merrill, my chauffeur for the afternoon, with his constant companion Daisy:

Western Lake, where we used to ice skate and go ice fishing as kids:

A view from the top of Trimble Mountain (that's Canada on the far side of the St. Croix River):

A fire pit is a necessity for hot dogs and roasting marshmallows!

And this is the view from my house - again, that's Canada on the far side of the river:

I also got a chance to spend some time with my mom, friends, and my brother. The day before I returned home, I spent some time picking fresh Maine blueberries for everyone in NH. I refuse to rake and pick the berries over afterward - I'd much rather just pick a spot, sit down (make sure you are wearing old jeans!) and pull clean berries from the vine. Imagine these in fields as far as the eye can see!

With my visit behind me, I now have to focus on my upcoming craft show in two weeks. Yikes! Time sure does fly!