Thursday, September 20, 2007

Learning more about blogging

Chatting one night on Etsy, I expressed frustration at feeling like I never know what to write about on my blog. And I don't mean writer's block - more like just lack of what to really write about. After all, I lead a pretty quiet life for the most part!

To alleviate this, Jenny (aka JennyBunny) suggested that I google for some blog ideas. A bell went off inside my head as I thought to myself - "I should have thought of that!" since I am constantly searching the internet when I want to shop or need information.

After wandering through some of the sites that popped from my google search, I found the following to be interesting (there are lots more of course, but this is a start). They're not quite ideas about what to write about but rather how to write blogs that others would potentially want to read.

One article that caught my eye was "5 ways to increase Internet traffic to your blog or web site". The author of this article had some points that I hadn't even considered, such as submitting for blog contests. OK - I admit it! I'm not really a contest kind of girl! And while it's not something that I will necessarily do, for those who like to enter contests it could be loads of fun. Other suggestions included using your technorati tags more effectively and using keyword tools when writing posts.

Another article that I stumbled across and found interesting reading is "10 Techniques to Get More Comments on Your Blog". The tips here are common-sense-icle but again, I certainly don't DO all of them. Be controversial?? I admit, I'm not the type to throw my political views out there for all the world to see. A time and a place for everything and my blog is not the place for that in my mind! But I see the author's point. The biggest suggestion that caught me off guard was #10 - Make it Easy to Comment. Sounds simple really but made me go look at my settings to see if I actually allowed this to happen.

So, my next step is to explore more ideas on what to write about. How do you come up with ideas for your blog?


Feltland said...

I love your blog - your comments, stories, when you tell how you feel ... All your posts always invite me to say something, just a few words to thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos or for making me smile ... :D
So, please, don't change ...

knitsteel said...

I'm a bad example right now because I'm rather rushed.

I try to stick to themes relating to my work or creativity. I like when people tell the story behind a piece, how it evolved and such.

blockpartypress has been doing a great job with blogging. Look over her blog. All of her entries are inspiring.

TuttleTime said...

Hi Bonny,

I just blog whatever is going on in my mind with many things at once! I just like reading about what people having going on in their lives, quiet or not. :) Your's is great!

Jenny said...

Wow... That JennyBunny is so helpful.....

*wink wink*

Hope the blogging is going better?!