Thursday, September 13, 2007

4 Things about me ....

Sunshinecitylassie tagged me for a fun game - I need to note 4 things about me in various categories. These games always make me slow down and think about lots of different things - mindbending LOL! Anyway, here I go ...

4 jobs I've had:
convenience store clerk
retail manager
call center operator/order-taker
office manager

4 films I can watch over and over:
Pretty Woman (sappy, but I still love it!)
Lord of the Rings (pick any of them - love them all!)
Sweet Home Alabama
The Lake House

4 places I have lived:
Robbinston Maine
Waterville Maine
Hudson New Hampshire
Manchester New Hampshire

4 favorite TV shows:
Criminal Minds
Big Love
Two and a Half Men

4 favorite foods:
Macaroni and cheese
Melty Brie cheese with apple
Ice cream

4 website I visit every day: to check my store
hotmail to catch all of my email
ebay (always find something interesting)
bank account site

4 places I would love to be:
Washington DC around cherry blossom time
Greece - have never been but would love to visit!
secluded Hawaiian beach enjoying warm sunshine and swimming with dolphins

4 favorite colors:

OK, so now I need to find another person to tag .... hmmm, how about Lis from Simple Arts Planet ...

Also, since I'm blogging my little heart out - a couple of my latest jewelry pieces showcasing carnelian, black onyx and sterling silver


Lis Tan-Chaong - 陳 俐 杏 said...

Thanks Bonny, this is so fun! I have to think of someone to tag first then write down the 4 things..

I agree that this jam my mind too.. LOL.. How come we having problem thinking when it comes to just all about us?

marsha said...

That's fab reading about you! I'm liking the hoops btw! :)

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Great post Bonny--it's always fun to learn a bit about our blog friends :-) The new pieces are really pretty!
Smiles, Karen

Happy House Quilts said...

very Pretty!

Lis Tan-Chaong - 陳 俐 杏 said...

Ice cream and chocolate is part of my life..LOL..It's depressing to think that I have to cut it down a lot more in near future, since my mum is diabetes and I have higher chances of getting it too.

Yes, there are indeed more places I would love to go, if I have the money..