Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Whew! Thanksgiving is over!

The US Thanksgiving holiday was last Thursday and it's always a busy time in my house. Fortunately, my husband is a total gem and handles all of the cooking (I peel the potatoes - light duty!) while I clean house in the morning. That afternoon generally finds us snoozing and watching movies (it's just not Thanksgiving without a viewing of "It's a Wonderful Life") while the turkey and cranberry sauce settles in our tummies.

This year my two brothers decided to pay me a visit after the holiday. My younger brother, Scott, had spent the holiday with my Mom in Maine and was on his way back to his family in Wisconsin. My older brother, Danny, drove down from Maine with his family - I had a full house! Isn't that what the holidays are all about?

We had fun shopping and chatting and arguing (good-naturedly of course!) - I really do miss not having my family close by and this time of year it really catches up to me. Now that they've returned to their homes, my house is feeling a bit empty and Amber (re: collie) is looking a bit glum since she's not getting all of the attention she had over the weekend.

OK - now to post a couple of my new pieces of jewelry - more to come!

My stone and crystal sterling necklace

and my latest (and fave)
Dark Beauty Bracelet


BagsByMelanie said...

Ohhh Bonny, love that Dark Beauty bracelet!

knitsteel said...

My husband cooks the holiday meals too! I do the baking.

ryc- I put a picture of the Chocolate Crinkles on my flickr page. Thanks for the tip on the gingersnaps. I didn't know that about the oil. I'm going to buy more ginger and try it.