Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Orleans

Just returned from a trip to New Orleans! My husband planned a long weekend away for us to NOLA and we had so much fun! I haven't had a chance to download the pictures yet, but I'll be sharing them with everyone this weekend. I'm really excited - one of them actually includes a baby alligator (stay tuned)!

I'll write down more details this weekend but Rich went all out on this one. We had a different style of tour each day so that we could see different parts of the city. He must have researched for hours - my poor little feet were so sore but well worth the pain. We saw the (in)famous Bourbon Street area, did a haunted house tour, saw one of the oldest cemeteries in New Orleans, took a city tour, soaked in some history at two different plantations, and rode around the swamp. To round it all out, on our last night he signed up for a carriage ride through the city (for animal lovers such as myself, New Orleans has strict regulations regarding the mules - they can only work for 6 hours at a time, they have a required amount of time off during the month, and the licensing).

I would love to have you check back later if you're interested!

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