Thursday, August 16, 2007

Quick update

I can't believe how quickly this week has flown by! So much to do! But the weekend is looking to be a bit more relaxing. My hubby and I are going to Boston for the day on Saturday for some much needed couple time. I'm looking forward to it so much!

In the meantime, just to keep you updated, here are some of the latest postings to my store. As you can see, I've been experimenting again. I'll let you determine the results!

Lots and lots of new earrings - ice cream cones (yummy!), candy swirl earrings (OK, must have food on the brain) and rain drops. So many ideas .... so little time!


Judy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Just wanted to say "hi" back. Love the ice cream earrings!

Lanedesigns said...

I hope you and your Hubby have a great couple time together.

I love your blue~green dangle earrings. Your pieces are always make it hard to pick a favorite.


knitsteel said...

I love the spring drop earrings.

TuttleTime said...

I Scream, U Scream..We all scream for IceCREAM. :) Very cute! :) Love the swirly (candy drop) earrings. I have a sweet tooth, too.

Nice stuff...Have fun with your hubby in Boston. We all need that couple time.