Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Latest projects

Oxidizing has become my newest "thing" - and I've made some fun new earrings just so I could keep practicing!
Pearlicious Earrings

Rosy Rhodonite Earrings

Lakeland Earrings


Debra Lane Designs said...

Hey Bonny~

I love the rose color ones...but the blue ones match my eyes!

They all look great...happy oxidizing!!

TuttleTime said...

These are very pretty! I wear the earrings I have purchased from you all the time. In fact, I am wearing the pink and white flower dangly ones (sorry I don't know the cool name you gave them). Ha! I love everything I get from you!

I will peruse to see if there is something I can get for my moms. :) Angie

diamond rings said...


Claudia said...

I love the pink one! great work!

marsha said...

I'm loving those pearl earrings! Great job!

TuttleTime said...

Ooooo...very nice earrings. Will check out your store now.