Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Recycling sterling silver

I recently discovered that you can recycle your scrap sterling silver by sending it in to be refined. In the interest of reuse and recyle, I thought I would post a list of companies that will recyle your scrap sterling (or other precious metals). Most of these companies offer a choice of either a check back or credit toward a future purchase.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have not personally used any of these companies yet - I'm still saving my scrap for a rainy day. But I save every single link of chain, cut off headpin, and wire that didn't wrap properly for a raindy day payoff - AND it's good for the environment! Talk about a win-win situation!


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Ghanshyam said...
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kimberly said...

I think recycling is a great alternative to save our planet or decrease the pollution. I think this problem still have a sollution, just depend of us. We need to think about our vehaviour and make a change and start to make the difference.

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Jony Gibson said...

Recycling is the best way to save earth. You nailed the core issues. I really like your blog.

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