Friday, August 29, 2008

US Holiday - Labor Day

For many of us here in the US, Labor Day weekend signifies the symbolic end of summer. The kids are heading back to school, the nights are starting to cool down, lightweight jackets come out of the closet, and sandals get retired. The long weekend looms before us like a special treat (unless you're working one of those industries like healthcare or retail, in which case special holidays really don't exist) - a last chance to go out and play in the warm summer sun before the fall season arrives.

Labor Day became a federal holiday in 1894. All fifty states observe Labor Day, which was instituted as a day off for the "working man", according to Wikipedia. Many cities and towns have parades to celebrate.

For many of us, including myself, it is time to enjoy the last rites of summer passing. My husband and I always have a bar-b-que on Monday (the official holiday) and sit outside enjoying the cooler weather. With the extra day off, I also often take time to pack away items I won't be needing in the near future. My flower beds get one more pass - cutting and pruning away flowers that have faded so new ones can appear. As fall is one of my favorite times of year, I really don't mourn the passing of summer - the best is yet to come in my humble opinion.

Best wishes to all of my blogger friends to have a safe and happy Labor Day holiday weekend (or just an enjoyable weekend if you live outside the US).


Mrs.Kwitty said...

A happy Labor Day to you too :o)
I also enjoy the fall the best--it's not hard for me to say goodbye to the heat of summer (at all!)
Smiles, Karen

p.s. I will be keeping the faith, thanks for your kindness!!

storybeader said...

it's funny, that labor day is suppose to be a holiday for the "working man," and those are the people, in retail and services, who usually have to work! I have the day off, thank goodness. Enjoy your day!

Nora said...

Very interesting facts that I didn't know! I wish you a great Labor Day also! :D

moxylyn said...

I'm looking forward to the fall Holiday season. Sweaters and hot chocolate :)
Hope you enjoyed your weekend.