Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Autumn is in the air!

On my way to work this morning, I noticed the tree leaves are beginning to change color here in New Hampshire. A sure sign that autumn is on the way - well, that and all of the bright yellow school buses on the road!

For me, another autumn "new" tradition is the craft shows that I will be attending. I thought I had tons of time to prepare but now I realize that my first show is only a month away! I know time flies as you get older but at this rate I'm going to turn ninety by December!

I'm really looking forward to this season. Our NH Street Team has been busy and we've all been sharing information about various shows, contacts, and events. Katy (aka muchachak) has been hard at work with the Concord Arts Market. Our street team is planning on getting together for a couple of hours and work on projects while chatting with each other. It should be tons of fun and a great way to get to know other team members.

I've also been working on my Etsy shop, trying to build inventory and take better pictures to entice people to browse through the store. Some of my new items:

Pretty Raspberry Pearls Necklace
I love pearls and found some really beautiful little freshwater pearls at my favorite bead shop. Lots of colors! This necklace is available in a gorgeous green, beautiful blue and (of course) a lovely ivory.

Hoot-ee Owl Earrings

Lime Green Saucer Earrings
I would love to hear about your autumn plans!


Nora said...

wow, beautiful earrings! Good Luck at your craft show!

I love how the season changes noticeable in the eastern states, but here in L.A. still feels like summer...

TailoredTreasure said...

I love your jewelry and what a great article! How did you get into jewelry making?

diamond jewelry said...
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TuttleTime said...

You would have laughed to hear me "hoot" when I saw those owl earrings! My mom loves owls! :)

You always have the coolest stuff.

White said...
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