Friday, January 22, 2010

Back in the Swing

Well, it's time to get back into the swing of things. Today I reflected back on the last few months and found myself wondering where the time goes. I deliberately took some time off from blogging (so sorry if you've been checking but I just couldn't seem to write!) to get settled into a new job, try to figure out which direction to take the jewelry, all while I still am really, really missing my girl (see post below).

The job (well, technically I have been there seven months now so I can't consider it a "new" job) has me really hopping - in a good way. I've learned a new database (its the same system used a some really large amusement parks and ticketing services) and have become very involved with training - something I love to do. The days fly by and I count myself blessed to have a job I actually enjoy. On the Etsy site, I often see posts about wanting to do their craft as a full-time job - I'm not sure I want that. I'd love to be successful at what I do but have also discovered that I don't handle being home most of the time very well.

I hope everyone out there is also doing well and would love to hear about your jobs, Etsy shops and life in general. Best wishes for the upcoming New Year!


MrsDragon said...

I agree 100%. I enjoyed my etsy sites while I was running them, but I never wanted to quit my day job to run them full time. I like my crafting to be fun and for work to (mostly) stay at work when I leave.

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