Monday, January 25, 2010

My Sony Reader

My husband spoils me - I'll freely admit it. He helps around the house, plans special trips and activities that he knows I'll like, and is MUCH better at picking out gifts than I am.

One of the things he bought me last Christmas was my Sony Reader. It was something that I had drooled over but just couldn't justify buying for myself. As a preface, I have an overflowing bookcase that somehow also flows into all areas of the house and the books never seem to make it back to their bookcase home. A couple of times a year I'll cull them out and donate the ones I've read or pass them around at work on the condition that I don't get them back. This paring doesn't seem to help - the bargain book bins and discount book stores just call my name!

Anyway, I love the reader. It's a great size for traveling, the battery life is really good, and (for those who perpetually turn down a page corner to mark their page) it automatically bookmarks the book you are reading. Downloading books is cheaper than buying a paperback (and many libraries have started having ebooks that you can "check" out and expire on your due date) and there are many classics that you can get absolutely free! I have already downloaded Emma and Jane Eyre - two of my alltime favorites - for future reading. He even got the one with a touch screen - so easy to use and I don't have to worry about losing my place!

I love my Sony Reader and would recommend it for any book lover out there!

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