Friday, May 11, 2007

It's Friday, it's raining and ...

I have a mile long list of things I have to do to get ready for the craft show tomorrow. It's the first one I've done this year and I was hoping to have more summer items to show but ... time flies and the show date is here before you know it!

On a brighter note, my flower beds really needed the rain and I'm hoping my lilac trees will come into full bloom this week. I LOVE the smell of lilacs! I also found this really great place that sells unusual lilacs in lots of different colors (I've seen lots of purples and whites but never yellow or red!). If you love lilacs and their luscious fragrance, check out Fox Hill Lilac Nursery for more of the unusual varieties - they also carry a great lilac fertilizer!



Happy House Quilts said...

Love the blog Bonny! Thanks for the link to the garden shop!

marsha said...

YOU SAID IT!!!!! TGIF!!!!!!! What a beautiful blog you've got here! =)