Thursday, May 17, 2007

Lesson learned

Late last night I was fiddling around with all of my wonderful beads and kept returning to a beautiful (or at least in my opinion) pineapple quartz pendant that I've had for awhile. I love the swirls of color in this particular piece - it's almost like there is movement inside the pendant. So I set to work and tried various color combinations until - VOILA! - I tried it with some light amethyst purple rounds that I had on hand. The purple and yellow combination totally worked for me.

Crafting different items is like that for me. I love trying various combinations and working with different materials - not just my beloved jewelry but also fabrics, paint - this even carries outside to my flower beds. Every year I gather new plants that I've never had and pop them in my flower garden to see what happens. Sometimes I'm disappointed. But more often than not, a beautiful flower or plant will flaunt it's summer color. The moral of this lesson (for me at least) - keep trying and continue to work with things that you love. Something glorious will always come through!


GardeniaPatti, Maxwell Macintyre, and family said...

You're work is beautiful! Thanks for the welcome.

marsha said...

love the quartz pendant! how beautiful!

Monica Huete said...

Lovely pendant Bonny!!!

Sorry I couldn't go on with the tag game - awful week... I'll try to answer it tomorrow.



Happy House Quilts said...

Looking good!!!