Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The NH Street Team blog

Living in southern New Hampshire is a wonderful thing. Along with the benefit of having gorgeous seasonal changes, we are fortunate to have the mountains, ocean and large city (Boston) all within an hour of drive time. It's difficult to describe how breathtaking the mountain area is during the fall season with all of the leaves changing and the crisp air while you are enjoying apple-picking time. And while I despise shoveling snow, I must say that waking up to a winter wonderland during the holiday season is something that I would truly miss were I to live in a warmer climate.

Since joining Etsy and opening my Etsy shop, I've been fortunate enough to meet many people I now consider my online "cyber-friends". They've been kind enough to share their families, their craft and their lives with me (and others) through their blogs. One group in particular - the NH Street Team - is relatively new. This team consists of New Hampshire crafters who are banding together to promote Etsy and their shops through shows, marketing, and networking. We'd love for you to get to know all of us and what we do - visit us on the NH blog site and have some fun with us!


marsha said...

Hi there! Etsy has definitely opened a whole new world of friendships, experiences & craftsmanship for me too! It's been wonderful getting to know new etsy sellers and buyers, and it's great when they ultimately become your blog pals and etsy friends! And you're one of them!

Happy House Quilts said...

awesome, what a great idea!!!...will do it after the weekene going away to celebrate my 40th with my college friends! Jodi

BagsByMelanie said...

What a great post Bonny!!

Etsy is truely great, and I have met some amazing sellers there also.

TuttleTime said...

Ooops...I thought you lived in Maine...New Hampshire is pretty, too. I want to get up that way some time. :)

This is a great idea...Angie