Thursday, July 19, 2007

Vacation photos

Yeah! I finally got around to pulling some of the photos from my little vacation to Boothbay Harbor Maine and thought I would share a few (with running commentary of course!) with all my blogger friends.

This is the cottage where I stayed. I had a quaint little bedroom toward the back with a window looking right out onto the rocks. Most mornings you could hear the lobstermen in their boats pulling their lobster traps.

Rocks, rocks and more rocks - Maine has a very craggy coastline and this picture gives you an idea of exactly what it looks like. You can barely see it, but my beloved Adirondack chair is included - lovely place to watch the boats go by or take a quick nap in the sun!

The view from the previously mentioned Adirondack chair. Lazy sailboats cruise by all day long - what a beautiful sight!

You can tell I am easily entertained. Throwing bread into the air to attract the seagulls in the area and then feeding them for awhile is great fun! Greedy little urchins!

Another wonderful part of the island is the back beach area. A long dock with a smaller floating dock for mooring boats can be found in this area. I loved this picture just because it shows a typical Maine beach - rocks, seaweed and beautiful pine trees (Maine's state tree is the white pine) dotted all around. When it is high tide, there is very little beach showing but I walked around as the tide was going out and had some fun checking out shells and beach glass findings.

*Sigh* I think I need another vacation!


Prairie Daisy Handspun said...

Really pretty, and so interesting to see! Thanks for sharing!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Looks great!! I like your little adirondack chair sitting kinda hidden up on the crag with the beautiful view of the ocean--sigh!

I had to laugh about the seagulls--they really are greedy little things aren't they?! I always think about Little Nemo--and all the seagulls squawking "MINE,MINE,MINE"!! We have a lot of seagulls here in Duluth too, and they are actually quite pesky and poop all over everything! lol

Smiles, Karen

Feltland said...

What a lovely place !!! So beautiful, peaceful ... must be the perfect place for some great holidays ...



marsha said...

Lovely pics and looks like you had an uber relaxing time ... :)

Now let me go bother my hubby about another vacation ... :D

Helen | Pepperina Press said...

Maine is so beautiful... I think it is the quietest place I've ever been...

TuttleTime said...

Absolutely wonderful pictures. :) I just love going on vacation and relaxing. Isn't it great. Now, to just retire and be able to do that more often.