Friday, January 4, 2008

Resolutions? Not sure about this ...

Yes, I know - New Year is the time for so many resolutions to be put into place. Good intentions, things I want to accomplish, and activities I'd like to do with the upcoming fresh start. Hmmmm ... I haven't always been so good with the whole resolution thing. Although to focus on the positive, I did manage to work a few into last year (got my jewelry business of to a good start, read more books, and started this blog) but soooo many things left to do. Who knows, this year may be MY year!

So, the resolution "thing" - here goes (maybe sharing it with you will inspire me to actually hold myself accountable for these things!)

  1. Learn metalsmithing - I absolutely LOVE the idea of creating an original piece of jewelry out of a plain sheet of silver or making a beautiful ring from a gorgeous gemstone and some wire. Oh, the possibilities!
  2. Make more time for friends. Go to lunch or dinner, or walk around the lake, or just pick up the phone more. I have some truly fabulous people in my life and am blessed - I need to take advantage of having them be a part of my existence!
  3. Be healthier in my living style. I would love to lose weight (wouldn't most of us?) but I'm hoping this will be a natural extension of just being healthier and feeling better. More fruits and veggies, regular exercise instead of the occasional exercise video, and less take-out.
I've limited this to 3 to keep it manageable (not that I don't need to do many more than that but 3 will suffice for now). Do you have any resolutions for 2008?


LazyTcrochet said...

Great resolutions! I agree on number 3. And with that, I hope to give my dog Coco more exercise. She deserves to be healthy too. I want to get more organized, business-wise and to enjoy more time with my family.
Happy New Year!

knitsteel said...

Those three sound very sensible. I also want to eat healthier.

The Creative Corner said...

Making more time for friends is definitely on my resolutions list!!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Very good resolutions! Good luck with all of them. YOu are smart to keep it to 3, there really is something to be said for setting goals, and attaining them too! I like your 2nd one (though I do need to lose weight too)--I get too busy with crafting and just housework and being a Mom and Wife--and really have neglected the friend part--good reminder!! Thanks.

Smiles, Karen

Contrariwise said...

Great resolutions. They're almost identical to mine.

I'm planning on taking my first official course in jewelry-making. It'll teach me to solder and to set bezels. I can't wait!

Good luck in 2008!

marsha said...

heee! looks like we both have very similar resolution "thingies"! ;)