Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well, 2008 has finally arrived. Being the major party animal that I am, I fell asleep at about 11:50 and woke up at 12:02 - missing the ringing in of the New Year by two whole minutes!

Following our tradition, my husband and I spent a quiet eve at home watching movies and eating Chinese food. Shrek 3 was on the movie list - quite cute and funny although Shrek 2 is still my favorite in that group. I just love the tongue-in-cheek humor that it portrays and it always gets a chuckle out of me. And isn't that what life should be about? Humor in little places in life.

New Years Day found us relaxing around the house with it snowing outside. While I am the first to admit I like a winter wonderland, I am getting a bit tired of shoveling the white stuff. However, it still is better than dealing with hurricanes and tornadoes so I'll count my blessings! Homemade lasagne for dinner and then outside to clear the driveway and burn off some of those pasta calories.

Best wishes to everyone for the upcoming year - may it be all that you wish it to be!


Prairie Daisy Handspun said...

Your New Year's Eve sounds similar to ours. We watched movies and ate lots of snacks. We also saw the ball drop...at 11 p.m. because of the time difference. :) But we managed to stay awake until 12 and went to bed shortly after. In case you didn't see my reply to your comment on my blog, I wanted to say Happy New Year to you and your family also!

BagsByMelanie said...

HAHAHA, Mike and I cracked the champagne at 9:45 and went to bed by 10, LOL

Lanedesigns said...

Happy New Year to you!!! I hope 2008 is a great one.
This was the first year that our daughter didn't fall asleep. We always toast in the new year with a glass of wine SOOOO she was wanting to toast too, so she got orange juice LOL....she was so funny and sleepy!
Have a great day,

yours truly said...

Happy New Year! Ours was much like yours...I think I fell asleep by 9! Then woke up about quarter to midnight but zonked out again before all the hallabaloo! We too had pasta for dinner on New Years Day! And our snow came on Christmas ... New Years merely drizzling like the majority of northwest winters! I always enjoy visiting your blog!

Best wishes,