Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Spotlight on ... Bags by Melanie

Let me start off by saying ... wow! there are lots and lots of talented bag sellers on Etsy. So why pick Bags by Melanie to spotlight?

I met Melanie at one of my craft fairs that I attended last fall. As a fellow New Hampshire crafter, we started chatting about trying to start our own small business while still taking care of our families and living life in general. She impressed me with her knowledge of fabrics, the various style choices she offered and most of all the obvious careful attention to detail on each of her bags. Patterns are not required (all of her bags are made freeform) so you will never find another bag quite like the one you buy from her - each one is unique! You can request any size or color combination, strap length, or even closure - your final accessory is limited only to your imagination and needs. And, to top it all off, quality does NOT suffer with all of the options - each bag is double stitched with patterns beautifully meeting at the seams. You can even get a personalized bag!

Melanie is also talented when it comes to special orders. She has made aprons for craft shows or gardening (I have one - pockets made to fit all of the items I normally carry - it's perfect!), small jewelry bags, gorgeous cosmetic sets, matching wallets, and coin pouches. As a nonsewer, it fascinates me that someone can create such beautiful items without even referring to a pattern!

So, if you're in the market for a truly unique bag for yourself or to give as a gift, check out Bags by Melanie - you won't be disappointed!


BagsByMelanie said...

Thank you Bonny, this is so sweet of you.

TuttleTime said...

Hi Bonny,

I agree the bags are beautiful. I am going to check her out. I LOVE bags and since I am about to have a little baby, I am looking for a nice diaper bag. I don't like the traditional store bought one.

Sorry to hear of your hubby's kidney stone and doggy health issues in Dec. I hope all is better now.

Thanks for visiting my blog. It's nice of you. I will do the same. Angie :)

Donna said...

A wonderful review! I can't agree more, although being her mother I may be a bit biased. I have a messenger bag and a lunch bag she made for me over a year ago. They still look new despite the fact they have made a couple journeys through the washing machine!